Christina, Don’t Just Sit There


So I have this memory of pulling up at the airport with Christina and letting her off to fly back to who knows where. Having complained about my job or who knows what, she looked at me and said, “You know something, you can sit there and can choose to continue complaining about it or you can try something different.” That memory has always stuck with me and has been instrumental in trying many new things in my life. Even though I get a little confused writing much more than my name, Christina was always encouraging me to do a blog, show my pictures, and tell stories.

About a year ago I started just that and I am reposting today one of my first blog entries about, who else, Christina. I have to tell you that my favorite photo in this post is the one of her driving a little car at an amusement park with that Christina trademark look of immense enthusiasm and blissful abandonment.

Read The First Settlers.

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