Christina, I Dare You to Frown


November 17, 2002 goes down in history as one of the few pictures taken of Christina where she is not wearing that signature ear to ear smile that we all know and love. The reason for this makes me smile…

Touring prospective colleges with our children has always been a favorite pastime. Not only do we get to know the schools better but we also have a chance to spend time together exploring. This college tour took Christina and I to a university in Virginia, as well as one in North Carolina. She did an overnight visit on the Virginia campus while I fly-fished in the nearby Jefferson National Forest as a way to kill time while we were apart. Christina gained the knowledge she needed about the school while I ventured into the great outdoors and caught a very elusive brown trout. It was a “win win” for us both. After meeting back up that evening, we shared dinner at an italian restaurant chain, something that we loath, but our spirits were brightened by the little kid’s “crown” that the restaurant provides the younger guests or in Christina’s case, the young at heart. 

So, back to the picture of Christina with a frown. The two of us always research food places on any trip we embark on and this trip was no exception. Our quarry this time was a famous burger joint.

“Beef Burger” located in Greensboro, North Carolina, is a restaurant that was formerly a Biff-Burger and is still called that by many of the locals. It is believed that this is the last remaining “Beef Burger” restaurant still remaining in the country from the once famous Biff-Burger chain. They still use the “Roto-Red” Roto Broiler to grill the burgers and toast the buns before a quick dip into the sauce that the owner, Ralph Havis, claims to be from the original recipe obtained from when he purchased the West Lee Street Greensboro location from one of the original Biff franchise owners.

With a story like that, how could Christina and I NOT choose to visit this historic landmark of burger joints? So on that cold, rainy, and blustery day, My travel buddy and I pulled into the parking lot of Beef Burger No. 2 and experienced that sinking feeling that only a dedicated food lover can relate to when their culinary destination is closed. I reached for my ever-present camera and took this rarest of shots of “a sad Christina.” 

Full disclosure, we were staging this frown and it took SEVERAL takes as she would break out grinning as she attempted to frown. Afterwards It only took a minute for us to regroup and dive into some excellent southern style pulled pork sandwiches only a few blocks away. 

I’ve learned so much from that precious girl and I still am.  🙂

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