Traveling with Badjao Bridge on the Philippine Islands, Bohol Island (Wednesday Dec 3rd 2014)

Our group of five left Cebu Island this morning and headed by boat to the island of Bohol. Shortly after arriving we were transported by “tricycles” to our hotel in downtown Bohol and then on to the Badjao sea dwellers by the ocean. We quickly put to use our newly acquired “tightrope walking” skills learned yesterday, negotiating the even narrower rotting wood planks that tie together the little shanty huts suspended over the ocean here in Bohol. The plan today is setting up dental equipment in the Badjao community that is home base to Badjao Bridge ministries here in the Philippine Islands. We are watching the news as best as we can to learn the path of typhoon Hagupit that has just been upgraded to “super” typhoon status. Japan meteorologists has Bohol island directly in it’s path. Please pray this will not be the case as it’s impact on the Badjoa tribe here in Bohol will be life threatening. It’s predicted 150 mph winds would wreck havoc among there little huts on stilts.

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