Dubai, old and new

Few places in my recent travels evoke such strong memories of adventure like the Dubai creek area of old Dubai. Arriving by means of an old wooden Abra boat to the spice markets that line Dubai Creek allows one to fully embrace this historical area of the souks with all of the senses. The aroma of spices compete with the beauty of the setting sun while the sounds of the muezzins chanting the call to prayers are heard from the minarets that tower over the mosques.

Old dubai1

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In contrast to Dubai Creek , the new Dubai is a place characterized by the Burj Khalifa (worlds tallest building) and it’s opulent wealth.

New dubai1 New dubai2 New dubai3 New dubai3a New dubai4 New dubai5 New dubai6 New dubai7 New dubai8 New dubai9

Some of my favorite places and resources – 
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Al Bait Al Qadeem – wonderful middle eastern dining experience, just in front of The Ahmedia House
Ahmedia Heritage Guest House – I enjoyed staying here. Right in the middle of the souk and spice market, walk to Dubai Creek
Desert Safari
Abra boat information Dubai Creek
Good resources
Good top ten list
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