Saturday June 6th – This is Ethiopia – In and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Adera Foundation

There is no better way to experience the divide in our modern day world between wealth and poverty than to enter third world countries through the gateway of Dubai. Seeing the opulence of a 7 star hotel (a category that does not even exist) with rooms for $28,000 a night, to seeing the faces of those who average less that $400 a year in income underscores this chasm. 

“…while God has done his part in creating a world capable of providing what we need, we have not done our part in the stewardship of it, in seeing that it gets to the end of the line, to the poorest and neediest–the children.”
Wess Stafford, Too Small to Ignore

Ethiopia 3

No cel connection here but I feel incredibly connected.. In and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia 1 Ethiopia 2 Ethiopia 4 Ethiopia 6 Ethiopia 7 Ethiopia 7b Ethiopia 8 Ethiopia 9 Ethiopia 10 Ethiopia 11 Ethiopia 12 Ethiopia 13 Ethiopia 14 Ethiopia 15 Ethiopia 16 Ethiopia 17 Ethiopia 18 Ethiopia 19 Ethiopia 20 Ethiopia 21 Ethiopia 22 Ethiopia 23 Ethiopia 24 Ethiopia 25 Ethiopia 26 Ethiopia 27 Ethiopia 28 Ethiopia 29 Ethiopia 30 Ethiopia 31 Ethiopia 32 Ethiopia 33

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