Arrival – In Zambia with Every Orphans Hope. In and around Lusaka, Zambia

[August 9th, 2015] Third world country arrivals are always interesting, and this one was no exception. Our journey from the U.S. started with a 16 hour flight from the USA to the UAE, landing in Dubai at noon but our body clocks were still set to 4am. After exploring Dubai in our sleep deprived state we had no trouble passing out in our beds that night. Departing our Dubai hotel at 7am Saturday morning we boarded our plane to Lusaka, Zambia and settled in for a relatively short 7 hour flight.

Upon landing we collected our mountain of bags, boarding our van with 3 less bags than we started out with. After a brief 20 minute bus ride we arrived at our accommodations for the next week and our group of twelve soon discovered life without electricity or (gasp) Internet !?!? Rolling blackouts are common here and after a dinner by flashlight we had no trouble falling asleep. We are excited about the week ahead!

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