A Proud Fathers Monday Morning Reflections


Marshall old 2

It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in the football stands screaming my head off every time Marshall stepped onto the field.
Oh yes, I cheered for everyone but my greatest thrill was when the Saints opted for the two-point conversion.

Knowing that Marshall would take his wide receiver position, and with a purposeful gate that I easily recognized from the bleachers, Marshall would slip across the goal line, somehow unnoticed, cut right, and run the length of the end zone. With his body and fingertips stretched to their uttermost length, his dependable hands would always pull the ball out of the air followed by a predictable thud as his body succumbed to the laws of gravity, crashing to the ground. Rising with arms again outstretched, the ball clutched tightly in his hands, I would leap to my feet and cheer, joining all those around me to celebrate the Saints scoring two points instead of the more predictable one.

Marshall old 1

When Marshall’s football days were over I thought that the joy of cheering him on from the sidelines would be as well. This past week I celebrated from the side again, watching Marshall make another completion, this time academic.

It was Marshals robing service, commemorating his masters degree in education with a reading specialist certificate, along with a secondary degree in language education and culture. Marshall worked hard for this, and I am proud of his efforts.

Accomplishing this under any circumstances would be grounds for recognition but knowing that he earned this while pouring his heart and time into the high school students he teaches made this milestone even richer.

Congratulations Marshall, I love celebrating your accomplishments, I am still cheering you on from the sidelines even though I know you would rather me do it a little more quietly.

I love you and could not be more proud.

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Marshall old 3

Marshall old 4

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Marshall old 6

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Proud father

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