Exploring the Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Alex Sam and Friends


Alex and friends 1This is not my typical post, but then, Alex Sam and his friends are not very typical either.

I came to know Alex a year ago while interviewing him for World Without Orphans. We stopped the interview a few times and just talked, asking him in a bit more detail about his childhood, growing up in a orphanage in Mumbai, India. His story is amazing and you can read it for yourself in his book “On the Wide Roads of Mumbai”, available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y325TOS

What I find most interesting is that many of the friends in these photos grew up with him in the same orphanage, lifetime friends. These guys are an absolute blast, with Alex always leading the way with his jokes. Not only are these guys friends for life but they have all started amazing ministries, allowing the God that transformed their lives, to use them, to transform the lives of others.

Our night out contained a lot of silliness, but, after all, laughter is still the best medicine! Thanks Alex for a fun filled night with your friends at Chiang Mai’s famous Sunday Market.

Alex and friends 2Alex and friends 3Alex and friends 4Alex and friends 5Alex and friends 6Alex and friends 7Alex and friends 8Alex and friends 9Alex and friends 10Alex and friends 11Alex and friends 12Alex and friends 13Alex and friends 14Alex and friends 15Alex and friends 16Alex and friends 17Alex and friends 18Alex and friends 19Alex and friends 20Alex and friends 21Alex and friends 22


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