In Iceland with farmer Snæbjörn

Farmer Snæbjörn 1.jpg

It’s funny how that one’s experiences while traveling and one’s experiences in life often parallel each other.


Too often we get so focused on the destination that we fail to just slow down and inhale the miracle of life that goes on around us everyday.

I was reminded of this while Carissa and I played kickball this morning with our host for the night, farmer Snæbjörn. Snæbjörn loves his 150 Icelandic horses, his dogs and his land here in Iceland. Born here, Snæbjörn is a among a unique breed of people who choose to endure climate extreme’s that the rest of us can only imagine. Winter days with no sun which create nights that seem to never end and temperatures that plunge below what the human being can endure for long.


But then the spring comes, it makes the difficulty of life all worthwhile; waterfalls with rainbows, puffins, majestic glaciers, beaches you’d swear were made from uncut diamonds and moments with those you love that are just to precious to miss.


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