Cassis, France

Cassis 12

Cassis is a South of France gem who’s sharp cliffs tower over secluded coves, with water that is the most magnificent shades of emerald green. The cliffs of this mountain are the highest sea cliffs in Europe. Their highlight is the Great Head with its sheer drop of 394m.

Visiting Cassis on a holiday was a risk we could not avoid and as a result, she was overrun with love from tourist, leaving it too crowded to explore her colorful town. The winds whipping in from the Balearic Sea had shut down our boating options so we decided to hike in search of a secluded cove in which to lie in the sun. Under the direction of a handsome young man who seemed eager to fulfill our desires to escape the holiday crowds, we set out for a cove that he pointed to on a map saying “here is a place that only a few of us know”.

We loved sitting in this secluded spot and watching the birds and boats go by before heading out in our little Fiat to enjoy the heart-stopping panoramas of the Route des Crêtes (Road of Crests) as it wiggled along the clifftops from Cassis to La Ciotat France. We paused at overlooks, choosing our steps carefully at precipices that made your heart pound while peering over the edge. Carissa supplied our impromptu picnics with just the right blend of delicious cheeses, french bread, golden raisins, heirloom tomatoes and chorizo.

That night we returned to Belle De Nuit and the warm greetings of Laurie and Rogèr, finding the village of Oppède le vieux to feel more and more like home.

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