Happy 30th birthday Christina!

30 years ago today Carol and I were blessed with our first child. Ever year since, we have celebrated the day we first experienced Christina’s sweet radiance.
I’m sad that I am not at home, sitting with family, reminiscing over the many ways that Christina has blessed our lives. Our tradition of birthday affirmations will be missed, but caught up on when I return. It somehow seems fitting that on Christina’s 30th birthday I would be in the middle of a three continent, eight country trip wearing out the shutter of my camera, capturing photos and telling stories, all the result of her impact and inspiration on my life.
Today it was with a broken, yet grateful heart, that I shared with a group in Ethiopia how Christina made a difference during her time here on earth, by listening to her heart and loving others. The ripple effects of her love continues to have impact around the world.
I was reading this passage the other day from The Whole in Our Gospel and could not help but see similarities in how Christina lived out her faith.
“Christianity is a faith that was meant to spread—but not through coercion. God’s love was intended to be demonstrated, not dictated. Our job is not to manipulate or induce others to agree with us or to leave their religion and embrace Christianity. Our charge is to both proclaim and embody the gospel so that others can see, hear, and feel God’s love in tangible ways. When we are living out our faith with integrity and compassion in the world, God can use us to give others a glimpse of his love and character.”
Christina did this really well, Carol and I are so proud and blessed to be her parents.
PS. Christina had the absolute best friends ever and I love every one of you 
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