Love 1

After three years, a quarter of a million miles and 19 countries I have a couple of observations –

Love is the most profound force known to man

That whoever said that time heals all wounds must have broken something other than their heart.

The book Understanding Your Grief has meant so much to me over the last three years and I recommend it highly to anyone who has experienced the earthly loss of someone they love, it inspired the following thoughts that have guided me through the last three years of my travels.

“While I reflect on making grief my friend, I think about my daughter Christina. Sometimes when I fully acknowledge that I will never see her physically on this earth again, I am engulfed by an overwhelming sadness. Then I, with intention, try to give attention to what comes next.

Yes, I feel her absence, but I also feel her presence. I realize that while my daughter has passed from this earth three years ago, my love and admiration for her has continued to grow.

My intention has been, and continues to be, to honor her presence while acknowledging her absence.
The beauty of this is that whole I mourn, I can continue to love.”

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