Happy Birthday Matthew!


A few days ago I received a phone call from my son Matthew as he exited his last class at Baylor University. He acknowledged that the completion of this class capped off twenty continuous years of study and that he was now ready to take his masters degree in engineering into the workplace.

I thought back a few months ago to a mathematics speech I heard him make at TCU in Fort Worth. “Mass times the acceleration of the end points is equal to the sheer force…” that’s about the only thing I could jot down before Matthew’s talk on mathematics and engineering become totally indecipherable.

I was immensely proud to hear my son speak while those in the audience scribbled notes and asked questions. While I could comprehend neither the questions nor the answers, a lot of very smart looking people around me seemed to be quite impressed.

I smiled a lot and felt very proud while reflecting on Matthews fascination with Legos as a child and all the fun times we had building things together. Even then I daydreamed about sitting in an environment like this and getting to experience his God given brain at work.

Today is Matthews birthday and our family is so grateful to celebrate the gift of his life.

Happy birthday Matthew!!

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