Pigeon Point Lighthouse, Pescadero California

Pigeon point 1

Lighthouses have always fascinated me and I have felt drawn to them for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it is the symbol of hope that they offer to those who have drifted and lost their way. I have often dreamed of being a lighthouse keeper but for now I settle for occasional visits to some of my favorites beacons of hope.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse has been one of my favorites ever since Christina and I first discovered it on our Texas to California road trip back in 2008. Too many stops along Highway One led to a nighttime arrival, adding to the sense of adventure. Driving along a dark and occasionally foggy coastline, it was that rotating beam of light that guided us in. I will always remember lying in the bunk bed below Chritsina’s, drifting off to sleep as the curtains were illuminated by the rotating beam of light as it made its rhythmic sweep round and round.

Last week, Carol, Matthew and myself met up with Carissa in California and along with her new puppy, we made our way to Pigeon Point lighthouse. These photo’s tell the story of our memorable time at this iconic beacon of hope.




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