Breakfast in Prague at Cafe Louvré

Friday morning May 31st Prague to Paris – Capturing Grace on a 21 day journey through Sweden, Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova, Prague and France.

No visit to Prague is complete without breakfast at 100 year old Café Louvre. “The lovely cafee house with a beautiful history” … thank you Lubo for the recommendation!
The raspberry pancakes alone are reason enough to return!! 

Cafe Louvre – 
The doors of the Café Louvre first opened in 1902. Since that time, history has marched through Národní Třída (National Avenue), and friendships, associations, and novels have been created at its café tables.
Though the pace of the times has quickened, we still insist on preserving the old café traditions. So even today you can still enjoy the unique atmosphere of a historical, grand café, as Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein or T. G. Masaryk knew it.


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