Day Four on the Jordan Trail, Hiking 40 miles from Dayna to Petra

Our trek through the desert today

Hiking the Jordan Trail,  from Dana to Petra. It is said that Moses, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad have walked along what is now the Jordan Trail. I am excited to share from my on experiences.

During the last couple of days hiking the Jordan Trail with Ghassab, he found that I was more interested in the bedouin culture and people than I was in historical facts and dates. Today, our most memorable time in the desert was meeting up with Ghassab’s friend Awde.

Awde is 75 years old and his smile is a reflection of his kind and compassionate heart. Awde has a lot of love in his life, three wives, fourteen children and camels that he affectionately calls by name. My cup of tea was never empty as Awde and Ghassab conversed in Arabic around the fire.

I enjoyed viewing the relationship that Awde has with his camels through the lens of my camera. Awde’s gentle Arabic commands resulted in a camel kneeling to the ground and laying his head in Awde’s lap. I watched as he stroked and petted his camel, much as one would the family dog. I had never witnessed camels acting so much like pets. Awde’s camels responded to my affectionate hugs to the neck, leaning into me to show their appreciation.

As Ghassab and I made our way on through the desert, I learned that Awde had known Ghassab all of his life. When Ghassab was a baby, Awde use to carry him on his back in a sling, building a bond with Ghassab that has endured.

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

My trek though the desert today…
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