Monday June 8th – The Adera Foundation’s mission statement at work. In and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Adera Foundation

Monday June 8th – Over the last year it has been my pleasure to learn about The Adera Foundation through my friend and executive director of The Adera Foundation, Julie Miller. I have attended dinners for Adera and admire their mission statement which reads as follows:

“Adera Foundation shares the Gospel in both word and deed, transforming the lives of the poor with help and true hope.”

Every organization has a mission statement and they are always thought-provoking and inspiring. But until you see
the end product, the results if you will, the mission statement is just words. In the few days I have been here in
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with Julie and a team of twelve, Adera’s mission statement has come alive. I have held the results of this mission statement in my arms and felt its warm embrace as the results revealed themselves through names, beautiful faces with warm smiles, and full tummies.

I sat beside little Hayat today while she enjoyed a hot meal at Hiber Primary School instead of going hungry as she used to. The conditions for the poor are so harsh here that prior to Adera’s partnering with Hiber Primary School and building a cooking facility, students like Hayat went hungry. It was not uncommon for the poorest of students, like the ones in Adera’s program, to pass out from hunger. Now, they are fed by Adera workers like Aster and others through this unique partnership that has been formed. Our team helped in the feeding program here today and made new friends.

It is my hope that through the pictures and stories that I am privileged to share, that you will experience the results of the Adera Missions statement as I have. To learn how you can participate in The Adera Foundations mission statement go to

Ethiopia 1

Center – Elias Adugna, the executive director of The Adera Foundation in Ethiopia along with the wonderful staff of Adera kitchen helpers at Hiber Primary School.

Ethiopia 2

Our team participated in serving meals today.

Ethiopia 3

Adera’s feeding program at Hiber Primary School at work

Ethiopia 4

Our team participated in serving meals today.

Ethiopia 5

A little “heavenly glow” in the kitchen smile emoticon

Ethiopia 6

Adera’s staff cooking up meals

Ethiopia 7 Ethiopia 8 Ethiopia 9 Ethiopia 10 Ethiopia 11 Ethiopia 12 Ethiopia 13 Ethiopia 14 Ethiopia 15 Ethiopia 16 Ethiopia 17 Ethiopia 18 Ethiopia 19 Ethiopia 20

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