Changing lives through relationships that run deep – In and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Adera Foundation

Tuesday June 9th – As with all efforts to help the poor, the problems are complex, the goals here are long term and are accomplished through relationships that are deep. Adera’s impact in Ethiopia starts with the Adera Daycare caring for children, feeding the single moms and teaching better care practices for their babies. Many of the moms participate in a program where they make necklaces which Adera sells, the profits provide income for them to buy food and sustain their families. When the babies reach the age of four they are sponsored by Adera into the Charisma School where they attend kindergarten for 3 years. This strong first start affects their future education dramatically, helping to break a multi generational cycle of poverty.
The lunches that the sponsored children eat here today at the Charisma School are prepared by Adera workers and then put in lunch boxes by the moms, allowing these very poor children to have full tummies instead of going hungry. When the sponsored children promote out of Charisma, many enter into The Hiber Primary School (where we visited yesterday) and are fed by the Adera lunch program through 8th grade. Adera’s program is impacting children in a life changing way as they experience the love of Christ here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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