Adera Daycare Center – Saying Goodbye! In and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with The Adera Foundation

The Adera Daycare Center is the heart of the family preservation work that Adera does. Over this past week we have become good friends with the workers, the moms who are cared for by Adera and we have cradled their precious babies in our arms. It will be very hard to leave this week as our time here comes to a close. Our group from America has become quite close to these new friends in Ethiopia, working beside them, sharing meals together, roasting coffee beans, making necklaces and sometimes just hanging out together. There has been a lot of laughing and occasional crying as we exchanged stories of pain as well as stories of God’s life changing restoration. We have witnessed the beauty that God brings from all things. I hope you enjoy these photographs that remind our group of faces and memories that we will not soon forget.

“Stories are important, hearing the stories of others puts our own lives into perspective. Stories tell us who someone is and they tell others who we are. In the process of sharing we find out that we are not alone in our pain, in our grief and in our loneliness. Stories can encourage, inspire and in the end, they give us hope.”
Ronnie Mosley – From my blog post


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