Departing for Zambia and returning to the Badjao Sea Tribe in the Philippines, August 6th through August 27th

Last December, as I tiptoed across the planks that connect the little huts the Badjao Tribe call home, I snapped this photo of a little Badjao girl appropriately named “Angel”. Little did I know then that her photo would be selected as the face of Orphan Sunday for 2015. As does hundreds of children like her, Angel calls the ocean her home. The Badjao sea dwellers have occupied the Philippine Islands since 500 AD but suffer the most from discrimination. They’re proud history evolves around their families sourcing their food from the sea. They dive, spearing fish for their livelihood. Overpopulation and regulations have made this more and more difficult.

I depart for Zambia next week, photographing and telling stories for Every Orphans hope in Africa with my good friend and President of Every Orphans Hope, Gary Schneider. From Zambia I will return to the Philippines, joining my good friend Jodi Tucker, international director of Orphan Sunday to develop their yearly video. This years Orphan Sunday video will be viewed in the churches of 70 countries around the world, portraying what God is doing in the Philippines through the church to minister to the orphan. The making of this powerful video will take me back to the island of Panglao where I will be reunited with Dan Johansen. Dan is not only my dear friend but is founder and executive director of Badjao Bridge. We will be filming an interview with Dan about the ministry of Badjao Bridge for the OS video.

To learn more about how you can be a part of the ministry of Badjao Bridge, check out there website at

I have so much to share about the ministry of Every Orphans Hope in upcoming posts, for now, you can learn more at

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