Camp Hope – In Zambia with Every Orphans Hope. In and around Lusaka, Zambia

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[August 11, 2015] One of the main contributions that our group from the US will make this week is serving at Camp Hope. Before coming to Lusaka, Zambia I read the following description from the Every Orphans Hope website at www.

“Every summer, we share the love of Christ with hundreds of vulnerable orphans through a Bible camp called Camp Hope. In 2014, 579 children attended Camp Hope and 355 received Jesus as their Lord and Savior! During each camp, we work with local churches to bring the entire community together, building bonds between orphans and their neighbors and pastors, and identifying the neediest of orphans to become candidates for sponsorship in one of the homes we build.”
As beautiful as this description is, nothing conveys the experience like stepping foot on Zambia’s red sandy dirt and feeling the energy and excitement from the children drawn to this life changing camp. These photographs tell the story of our day at Camp Hope, the personal stories I am anxious to share.

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