Let it blow…


I’ve always loved flying kites. Perhaps it is the utter unpredictability of it all, the realization that I really have no control over this object that can sail so beautifully in the sky or come crashing down at any moment. Oh, I can tie a string on it and I can give it a good start, I can even give it a little tug along the way to help it inch ever higher and higher but ultimately it’s in the hands of the wind…. if the winds blow the wrong way the beauty can become chaos.

And therein lies the magic of it all, I can choose to set safely in the dark quietness of the attic without danger or I can play in the wind with all the beauty and risks that this entails.

This weekend I’m taking this little guy with me, from the recesses of an attic where he lay in the dark for a few years to long. Together we will test the winds that blow hard across the Marin headlands just across the bay from San Francisco.

Yep, with my little friend in my backpack we will once again hike the coastal trail that offers such breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The tips of the Golden Gate Bridge become visible as one climbs Miwok and Hawk trails, before returning to sea level on Wolf Ridge trail. Each of my children have accompanied me on this walk, the experience is different every time but always beautiful.

Together, we’re going to enjoy the wind, let it blow….



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