Michel’s Story, in Bogota, Colombia

Michel's story 11

[February 12, 2017, Bogota, Colombia]

As a humanitarian photographer I travel the world telling stories of hope, stories that say “you can make a difference”, by listening to your heart and taking action. I call this Capturing Grace.

Today in Colombia I listened to my new friend Martha tell the story of seven year old Michel as we headed by taxi to one of Bogotá’s poorest areas. As I listened to Martha my heart was torn, but then I felt it expand with love and hope.

Michel’s story was sad but unfortunately common, born to a teen mom, Michel had no father to welcome her into this world. Within two years Michel was the big sister to a brother who was also without a father present in his life. Not long after, twin baby sisters were a part of Michel’s life as well. Typically, the problems in the life of a child like Michel’s would compound as a result of no education and a very unstable environment, replicating their story onto the next generation.

That is where Hogar De Paz (Home of Peace) comes in. Michel and those who work with her come alongside families like Michel’s, providing that necessary bridge that insures she does not fall between the cracks and replicates her families cycle of poverty. Thnaks to Martha, Michel in enrolled in school and has after school tutoring.  I absolutely love the work that Martha is doing here in Colombia and it is my pleasure to introduce you to Michel through the photographs taken today for Home of Peace.

For only $20 a month you can sponsor a child like Michel and be a part of changing lives. You can indeed make a difference in the lives of those in need. To learn more and participate in this beautiful ministry – http://maranata.co/hogares-de-paz/

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