Visiting Marshall and Tessa in Their New Home

The fog that rolled in off Commencement Bay created a magical backdrop for exploring and photographing today.

Oaks, Redwoods, Cypress, Pines, Maples, Birch Trees, Chestnuts, Red Oaks, Giant Sequoias, it was like traveling the worlds forests all within the confines of twenty seven acres.

At least one tree from every state in the union is represented within the 138 species found in this Tacoma jewel, Wright park.Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed New York’s Central Park, had a strong influence on the design of Wright Park. I experienced the similarities in the meandering flow of paths and the varied elevations.

Wright Park’s history dates back to 1886, when the Tacoma Land Company donated 27 acres of vacant land for a public park. At the time, the site was barren, muddy, and likely devoid of native trees, which had been logged off for commercial sale, according to Metro Parks Tacoma officials. But conditions attached to the land donation required that at least 300 ornamental shade trees be planted on the grounds within four years. Soon after that, experts brought in additional trees from throughout the United States and parts of Europe.

Today, the Wright Park arboretum boasts 138 species of more than 600 trees that are nurtured for educational display and public appreciation.

Enjoying the festival of colors with Marshall, Tessa, Matthew and Mercy was an experience I will always treasure.


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