Returning to Bohol Island in the Philippines to the Badjao Tribe

As I prepare for a return trip to the Philippines tonight on a 15 hour flight that departs at 10pm, my mind is flooded with memories.

Four years ago my heart was broken into a million pieces when our daughter Christina passed from this earth. There are no words to describe the pain from the loss of a child, my heart aches for those who have gone through it.

I had no idea that God held the broken pieces of my heart in his hands, and that one by one he would mend. The healing has taken place in the most unexpected of places and times and the process has by no means been orderly.

Three years ago this month, I had the privilege of going to the Philippines with Dan Johanson, the founder of Badjao Bridge. Dan’s ministry to the Badjao tribe touched my heart, resulting in my sponsoring a Little Badjao girl by the name of Therese.

Meeting Therese in person while photographing for this beautiful ministry was an experience I will always treasure. I’ll never forget the fatherly love that God put in my heart for this little girl who took my hand, and my heart, guiding me to her hut suspended by stilts over the ocean.

Looking back over these past four years I see a path that is unmistakable, a supernatural journey that only God could orchestrate, taking me through 28 countries in 39 months.

I have seen pain and suffering around the world that has put my own life and loss into perspective. By allowing myself to fully feel and experience the pain of loss, I’ve discovered a new capacity to love, and I am grateful.

Dan says that Therese has grown a lot since my last visit… so has my heart.

If you would like to learn more about how you can be a part of this life changing ministry please see

Little Therese… With Badjao Bridge and the Badjao Sea Tribe on Bohol Island in the Philippines

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