Eating shark with Four Generations – On Palawan Island with Badjao Bridge

After our morning breakfast of arozcaldo (think porridge with chicken), our first day on Palawan Island was spent with the Badjao in their homes over the sea.

With our three wheeler caravan carrying four passengers each, plus photography gear, our drivers skillfully navigated the deeply rutted mud roads that led to the Badjao’s homes on stilts.

During low tide, one can walk through this community by the sea, the chatter of voices mixed with cackling chickens, taking on a music like quality.

We were greeted with smiles, a reflection of the warm and hospitable nature of these people that have become our friends. Today I spent time in a little hut that is home to four generations, Great grandmother Lola Elasiah (whose age is unknown but estimated over 90), grandmother Maysarah, mother Saida and her sweet little Payra. We dined on Shark, rockfish, rice and vegetables, my time with this family was memorable.

These photographs tell the story of our time together, including an extended nap in this little home on stilts due to an unexpected tropical storm that blew though.

I invite you to learn more about Badjao Bridge and their unique ministry to the Badjao at –

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