Mingmar’s Story – Photographing for Orphan Outreach in Manali India – Capturing Grace on a 16 flight, 5 week journey throughout Asia

House of Grace Founder Aunty alongside one of her graduates and success stories, Mingmar Sherpa

From my time photographing for Orphan Outreach in Manali India – Capturing Grace on a 16 flight, 5 week journey throughout Asia

For most who grow up in the mountains of Manali, survival is the goal, dreams and life choices are something only the few who are rich can afford. Many of the children who have grown up at House of Grace, have lost their parents due to unexpected illness leading to death. Life here is hard, even under the best of circumstances it is a struggle for a family to survive.

During my time in northern India, photographing for House of Grace, I visited Kilta Cafe, managed by House of Grace graduate Mingmar Sherpa. Mingmar loves his job as barista and I enjoyed chatting with him about the coffee business. My own daughters coffee passion has given me a love for Barista stories.

Though our conversation I learned that Mingmar was brought to House of Grace as a toddler, his parents too sick to provide care. He learned at a young age that his father and mother passed from tuberculosis, a disease responsible for 10% of all deaths in India that occur between the ages of 25-69.

At he age of 27, Mingmar is a House of Grace success story and considers himself to be fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow up with the love and support of those who are the hands and feet of Jesus.

When I asked Mingmar about the difference House of Grace has made in his life he replied “House of Grace played a very important role in my life. I received an education that normally only rich people receive. As a result, I have options in my life that I otherwise would have never had.”

I thought about Mingmars words afterwards, I was inspired how he carries a sense of gratefulness for what he’s received in life rather than bitterness over what has been lost.

I am grateful for the work of Orphan Outreach and the hope they are providing to those in need. I invite you to learn more about the ministry that Orphan Outreach supports in Manali, India at – http://orphanoutreach.co/countries-we-serve/india/manali.asp

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