Little yeva at the ark in Ukraine

Photographing for The Ark in Ukraine – Capturing Grace on a 21 day journey through Sweden, Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova, Prague and France.

I absolutely adore this little girl in Kiev, Ukraine. 

And no, it is not because she is a whiz at math and makes the most amazing pizza from wooden blocks and Velcro. It’s her smile, it radiates from a heart of gold, so precious. In a country known for it’s boisterous language, she speaks Ukraine in a voice as soft as her smile.

It was her mothers drug addiction that led to her being born without sight in one eye, now it has led to her removal from home. 

Thankfully there is The Ark, a thirteen acre refuge of protection and healing for children that have been removed form their homes for safety until restoration with family can take place. Adoption is sought if restoration is not achievable. 

It is here at The Ark that I have been photographing for the last two days and I look forward to sharing much more about the unique work that they do using TBRI (Trust based relations intervention).

For now, I am grateful that my pace has been slow enough to sit with this sweet little soul and assist her in dividing 56 by 7 and help her prepare delicious pizza. My time with her has been something I will always treasure. 

I invite you to learn more about The Ark and there work in Ukraine at

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