Dog Passport Photographer in Ukraine

I can now add dog passport photographer to my resume!

in Ukraine and around the world, Fathers House in Kiev is known as a place of compassion where any person (or animal) in need can find refuge.

During my recent trip to Ukraine, I learned that Bruce (the chairman of the board for Fathers House) is a dog lover. Having already rescued dogs from Mexico and gaining their adoption into homes in the US, Bruce is now accomplishing the same for these dogs left at Fathers House.

It was so fun working with Anastasia, her sister Alina and Nataliya to photograph these dogs for their passports to the new homes that now await them.

You can learn more anbout Fathers House at

If you have read any of my posts about Fathers House than you already know the broad range of help that Fathers House is known for, if not, you can read more of my stories here – .

[ Last month, I set off on a 21 day, 6 country European journey, Capturing Grace in Sweden, Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova, Prague and France. I am now back at home in the US processing a WHOLE lot of photographs and sharing stories from my travels. ]

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