Re-writing stories – At the Madeleine School in Bungoma, Kenya – Photographing for Orphan Outreach

The smiles and laughter I experienced upon arriving to Madeline School gave no clue to what these children have survived.

Here in the remote African countryside, these precious children all have one thing in common, their lives have been hard, really hard. The road these children have walked has left them traumatized, many are victims of abuse with stories not easy to hear.

in the village of Bungoma, Madeleine School offers so much more than an education. There approach is holistic, meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of children that are partial orphans, total orphans or children who are vulnerable and at risk.

Many of these children could not attend public school due to disorders resulting from their troubled lives. The counseling, nutrition and love received at Madeline School enables them to flourish and have hopeful futures.

Today I sent time with Sarah who was born with sickle cell anemia, a disease that has a 60% mortality rate here in this part of Africa. Little Sarah has beaten the odds through the care and treatment found at Madeline School.

I accompanied school social worker Ayumi Elizabeth, spending time in the homes of three separate students. At each little clay hut we were warmly greeted with “karibu”, Swahili for welcome. I photographed each family and heard their stories of family restoration. Each story was unique but the common thread was the power of God changing lives through the love extended from people like Ayumi of Madeline School.

The children that I walked with, played with and photographed today bear no resemblance to their stories. That’s the power of God at work through compassionate people who love big, rewriting stories that now offer hope and a bright future.

If you would like to learn more about Orphan Outreach and the work they are doing to change lives in Africa, I invite you to read more at…/kenya/bungoma.asp

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