Bindu and Niroj’s Story: More Than a Community Center

Photographing for Orphan Outreach – Capturing Grace on a  journey through Nepal

Nestled in the middle of Lalitpur, Nepal is a community center. Every day after school, students from the Godawari Slum come to receive homework help, free resources, and a home-cooked meal or snack. The after-school program has become a significant support for families like Bindu and her sons.

Welcoming us with that sweet Nepalese hospitality, Bindu and her son, Niroj, showed us inside their modest home which is down the road from the community center. Their front door opened to a small room – a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. It is a bedroom with her boys’ football awards proudly displayed over the bed. She climbed a wooden ladder to the second floor where she prepared hot chai for us. Visiting with Bindu, I learned about the profound impact this program has had on her sons.

“When the teachers first visited us in 2014, they informed us about the after-school program. My two boys would get assistance with their homework at the center, so I was more than happy to send them there,” Bindu recalls.

As we sat on the front porch of her home, Niroj, Bindu’s last son to live at home, sat with us. As a single parent and sole provider for her family, it is important that her son has a safe place to go after school that provides him with the resources and tools he needs. Bindu explained that before having access to the center, her son wandered the streets, and the teachers were concerned about his grades.

“My son gets support from this center to complete his homework, which is really helpful,” she explains. “Since joining the center, he has studied hard and gotten better grades thanks to the teachers’ compassion and encouragement.”

Bindu explained that she is illiterate and said she would not be able to help her boys at all with their homework. “I would suffer greatly if the center disappeared. My children wouldn’t have anywhere to go for a quality education or to learn.”

Bindu went on to share how the center has shaped their future amidst the challenges of life in the slums. “Niroj has access to appropriate academic guidance. The center’s teachers also work hard to enhance children’s self-esteem and general morale, all of which will undoubtedly help them grow up to be kind and successful adults.”

I knew that the program’s impact extended far beyond academic support, but I didn’t realize how much it alleviates the family’s financial burden. “The initiative offers warm clothes, stationery, backpacks, school supplies, and uniforms. This has reduced our financial load to some extent. Every day after school, children can also enjoy a filling dinner provided by the center.”

I could easily see that this village is tight-knit, and it is clear to see that the center has a broader impact on the community. “The center offers a quality after-school education program, which benefits the entire community,” she affirms. “The facility provides a loving and caring environment for our children, and we are confident in their safety there.”

Throughout the entire time of visiting with Bindu, I could see her heart was full of gratefulness. “I am extremely thankful for the after-school program. We are all grateful for the program and its teachers who gave us hope for the future.”

Orphan Outreach partners with NMCN to provide children with a safe and hope-filled after-school environment. Through child sponsorship, financial resources, and operational support, we support the educational, emotional, and physical needs of each child. Additionally, administrative support and evaluation are being provided to determine enhancements to the program through church engagement and mission teams. Long-term goals include the purchase of private land so that a safe, secure school may be built, opening the door to more programs including bible study.”

I invite you to learn more about how you can sponsor Niroj or others from the after-school program here


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